Memorial service

 Last Updated Feb 9th 8:00 AM PDT

Memorial Contributions can be made to the Scott Swanson Fund for Transformative Student Learning and Innovation

Club Pseudo - Scott Swanson Memorial Edition was held Saturday, January 16, 2010 at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, 1500 West Sullivan Road, Aurora, Illinois 60506.
  • 2:00 pm Reception to allow the many circles of Scott’s life to intersect. Light refreshments will be provided, and people will have an opportunity to meet, greet, and reminisce together informally. Auditorium Foyer 
    The foyer will also be available during Club Pseudo for snacks and as a space for people to talk without interfering with others' performances.

  • 3:00 pm Club Pseudo, Scott Swanson Memorial Edition. IMSA Auditorium 
    Club Pseudo is a venue for free expression through music, skits, poetry, dance, improv, performance art... just about any form of creative expression. Scott was a frequent participant in Club Pseudo during his days as an IMSA student. While the event will likely invoke many memories of Scott, it is not designed solely as a forum for sharing memories. The focus is on performance and creativity, and the organizers hope that there will be plenty of laughter along with the inevitable tears. Please limit any planned performances to just a few minutes in order to allow time for all to contribute.

Photos: We would like to display pictures of Scott. Please either post to Scott's wall on Facebook or e-mail to Because Facebook does not store high-resolution photographs, please e-mail the originals if you can.

Video: The event was streamed live on the web and recorded on video for those unable to attend in person. View the Club Pseudo video in half-hour increments using the links below. The video images are a little shaky at the beginning of the first segment, but that is corrected a few minutes in.

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