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An evolving snapshot of remembrances, memorials, and acknowledgments posted to Scott's Facebook wall. Updated as of Monday, 25 January 2010, 3:00 pm CST.

Parker Schmitt 

I'm going to miss you. I owe you a lot, I'll see you again some day.
Ilya Nepomnyashchiy 
Scott, thinking about you and good times joking around and working with the managers and the team. I don't even know what to say now. Y'know, like four people called me or messaged me with the news. You made a difference in a lot of people's lives, and I guess you know what they say about people living on through those sorts of things.
You were a great friend and mentor, Scott, and if you're out there somewhere, I hope that I'll make you proud.
Judy Stark
All but Death, can be Adjusted
by Emily Dickinson

All but Death, can be Adjusted --
Dynasties repaired --
Systems -- settled in their Sockets --
Citadels -- dissolved --
Wastes of Lives -- resown with Colors
By Succeeding Springs --
Death -- unto itself -- Exception --
Is exempt from Change –
Soochon Radee  
Farewell Scott Swanson. You and your good deeds will be remembered by all.
Ashima Sarup 
Thank you for everything.
Alex Goins 
I'm sorry, Scott. Thanks for working with me and providing me with numerous challenges.
Pez Ezgi 
Hi Scott. Thank you for helping me join SCS when I was a sophomore, feeding my interests, and being a great person. I really I wish I could have been there with you in those final hours.... Rest in peace.
Tanya Kobyluk 
Scott, blessings on your journey into the unknown and known. May your next time around be brighter, easier, more abundant and even more full of love.
Cathy Veal 
Tonight a wonderful man with a brilliant mind, a big heart, and a resilient spirit, completed his courageous, life-affirming journey on this Earth. RIP, dear Scott. What a joy and privilege it was to have you with us for as long as we did. And as I told you recently, you’ll continue to be with us always, now just in different ways. Thank you for enriching my life so. Always, your "Dean Veal"
John Diedrich 
I will always remember you as a wing-mate from 1503, helping me NOT study for the Chem final. Safe journey old friend.
Eden Politte 
I can't even begin to describe how you touched and changed my life. I shared with you my deepest secrets and you held my hand when I needed it the most. You were an inspiration. I'm so sorry we'll never get to meet up at Vosges and talk about the old times, the way we talked about when last we spoke.
I hope it doesn't sound trite, because it's the last memory I have of you, but right now I have a Mo's bacon bar in my hand and I can't stop crying. I love you and will always miss you. Rest well.
Mamatha Challa 
Hey, Scott. I'm so sorry to hear this news. Despite the fact that I wasn't on SCS, you definitely made a significant impact on my life and the lives of all IMSA students. You were always incredibly helpful with anything related to StudCo, and you were always a great person to discuss new ideas with. Whether it was an email you sent in response to one of my mass emails, or a funny comment you made sure to express in a PAC meeting, you always managed to add something amusing and insightful to my day. You always cared so much about IMSA, and in return, IMSA will always continue to care a whole lot about you.
Sendhil Revuluri 
Gandhiji said we should "be the change we wish to see in the world." No one took this more seriously than Scott. His monument is not one you can pick up or walk into, nor even one you can click on. Instead, it is the many ways in which he changed so many of us for the better, whether we were his friends, colleagues, or proteges.
Though his body often didn't cooperate, his sheer will and determination and persistence and energy (and sometimes pure chutzpah) led him to accomplish impressive deeds. Scott, I'm so lucky I got to know you for over twenty years. I can't believe you've moved on; I miss you already. Love always.
Anthony Stuckey 
From the time we met over twenty years ago, you have always been a positive force. Whether BS'ing for fun or professional collaborations, you've always made me a better man.
Michael Kim 
Godspeed, Scott. Your own words, back at you: "What we truly are, endures." I miss you.
Keith Polivka-Rohrer 
Rest in peace, Scott. I'm sure you're already trying to figure out whatever afterlife you've stumbled upon...
Brian Sebby 
Our paths didn't cross very often in real life, but you were a huge presence in the IMSA Alumni community, and I'm grateful to have known you and heard the stories of all that you accomplished. Rest in peace, Scott - you will be greatly missed.
Anthony Nuval 
Bye, Scott.
Mark McCarthy 
Farewell, Scott.
Christopher Simison 
Oh, Scott.... Thank you so much for everything you did to touch the lives of so very many of us. Words cannot explain the depth to which you impacted people's lives. Rest in peace, and my prayers will be with your family and friends.
Parker Schmitt 
Scott, you will live on through the spirit of creativity and originality you put in and in the world. You're work ethic will be one I will strive for. Your streignth is immortal, you made, and still make all of us stronger. I'm going to miss you, but for the previous reasons, this is not goodbye. You will live on through many ways. Thank you so much for letting me to get to know you so well, it was, and will be a privilage. I will miss the late night AIM conversations. I will, and did miss the times you would tell the stories of IMSA's past, and teach us many things (and this is from all aspects of life). This is not goodbye in my mind, since you will always be there and be there in all of us. This does not degrade how much I'll miss you, as I will miss you incredibly, but even in that respect this is not goodbye forever, I will see you again someday in person. Also, I'm sure that God's database servers run Oracle.
Sandeep Paruchuri 
Scott, I don't think words are what you want from me now, or have ever expected from me. No, I know it is the bit of your own passion and drive that have been endowed to me in our time together and in all your friends that you would want to see live on. I am eternally grateful to have had the past 4 years together, beginning with that argument all the way to our Sunday afternoons with Limonada and burgers, I have cherished every moment.
I can't express just how much I've learned from you, but it exemplifies itself in nearly everything that I do and say today, including the opportunities that you both provided and nurtured. I just hope that you are now finding the time to take on all the projects that interested you so, and to no longer be physically constrained in this world, but to be free in another. Good bye, Scott. We will miss you dearly.
Jeremy Gottlieb 
Scott, I'm sorry we lost touch the last couple of years. You were always a true friend, always there when someone needed you. See you in the next life, brother.

Terry Free  
is up early to hit the gym and get in a little exercise. Had to read all the things people are saying about Scott Swanson first. Everyone else has been so eloquent; he lives on in every person he has met.
Ande Croll 
Scott, your presence as "the old guy" of the IAA is missed already. It deeply saddens me that you will not be the even older guy on the IAA. Thank you for the presence that you brought and shared with all of us.
Sarah J 
I suppose it's appropriate that I find the absence of your internet presence most notable. Thanks for everything. Say hi to Scotty for me.
Kelly 'Baluta' Rabin 
You are missed, Scott. Hope to see you on the other side someday.
Neal Groothuis 
Thanks for the great conversations on the drive to work, the inspiring views of the value of IMSA to her students and the world, and your awe-inspiring tenacity. I'm honored to have known you.
Steve Blunt 
"I'm in a genuine mess, I'm really up a creek...." Thanks for your friendship, Scott...and for the kid you were all those years ago. So many have gained so much by knowing you. Peace. Your Old RC, Steve
Michael Damian Thomas 
I'll miss you, Scott. Thank you for being there when I needed you.
Edward Hennessy 
I am glad that our paths crossed. Sorry to see you go.
Shawna Jean 
Sweet dreams dear friend.
Allen Mayer 
God speed you, Scott, to the undiscovered country. You suffered more than your share of slings and arrows, heartache, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. May you, at long last, sleep. And perchance, dream.
Kristin Murphy 
Scott, your life touched so many. You will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved you. My prayers to Gail and the rest of your family.
Joanna Messer 
Scott Swanson, I first met you through Club Pseudo and "IMSA Diddy Wah" in 1994. You kicked my tail - and rightfully so - while I served in the IAA Cabinet, and you always listened when I needed it most. Thank you for your bright light, your passion for learning, and your example of service in love for your community. Sweet peace to you and your family.
Michelle Markey Butler 
He disappeared in the dead of winter: / The brooks were frozen, the airports almost deserted, / And snow disfigured the public statues; / The mercury sank in the mouth of the dying day. / What instruments we have agree / The day of his death was a dark cold day.
Bill Shunn 
You were a great friend, Scott. You made Sesame Street a much better place, and anyone who took the time to see realized there was a heart of gold under the grouchy exterior. Here's hoping there's much scotch flowing wherever you are.
Seth Erlich 
Scott, I really only knew you as a child; you were brilliant then. It's fitting that via this technology I'm able to see the faces and read the emotion of all those who loved you - those whose lives you touched. It is inspiring and comes as no surprise. Rest in peace old friend, you will be missed dearly.
Stacy Watts 
Scott, I've read everything posted here. So much has happened since last we met. The constant I see is the continued inspiration, passion and drive you imparted by touching so many lives. One of my clearest memories of you is of you grinning with a twinkle in your eye while discussing ethics. It is how I think you might look whatever form you next take, that same twinkle. Thank you for everything you've given me and so many of my friends. Our lives are richer for having known you. Love to you, rest as long as you need.
Clayton Romero 
Vi Veri Veniversum vivus vici. You were always the one to push me to the next step and define my reality through the pursuit of truth. You touch so many people in so many profoundly ways and I'm sure we will not realize to what depth for years to come. Friend, Mentor, and Father, you were the best of us.
Kenneth C. Schalk 
"We are not now that strength which in old days / Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are; / One equal temper of heroic hearts, / Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will / To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." You strived, you sought, you found, and I know your spirit never yielded (though your body now has). Though time and space conspired to separate us, you've never been far from my thoughts.
To everyone else reading this, I'll just pass on a bit of advice I always remember Scott giving in parting: "Take it easy, but take it."
Ben Gertzfield 
We were just talking a few years ago when you were out here in California about the future of connecting IMSA students, past, present, and future. I finally got to work here at Facebook so I could realize that idea from the inside, and I'm going to make it happen just the way we talked about.
Nova Spivack 
Scott -- you were a good friend and great colleague at EarthWeb. I'm going to miss you, man. Sad news.
Bob Lee 
Thank you for being such a good person to everyone who needed you. Sweet dreams, my friend. You will be remembered, Scott.
David Joerg 
Scott! Thanks for the fun & good times, starting in 6th grade when we played Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy at your house.
Michael Kimmitt 
Scott taught me to play Magic: the Gathering in 1993. I remember one time he had me and Tamora over at his place while in the Chicago area. I hit a curb and blew out a tire, and he stood on the tire iron to help me get the lugnuts off.
Joe Shidle 
I'm still at a loss for adequate words to describe our friendship, and what the loss of your light means to me.
Rk McKenzie 
Scott, my friend, the world is already a poorer place for lack of you. Peace on your journey hence.
Yesterday at 12:16pm
Tamar Wyschogrod 
Scott, you were one of the brightest, nicest people I met working at Earthweb. I wish you peace.
Arun Bhalla 
Scott, we didn't interact very much, but I'm realizing more and more how so much of you has become a part of who I am. Take care.
Jennifer Krasovec Bounds 
I am with Sigrid, the best Paladin ever, we will miss you Sir Gawain.
Bridget E. Wilde 
There are so many times we laughed together, and few of them can be explained to anyone who wasn't there. Thank you for every moment.
Julia Colby 
I'm still struggling to find words, but this is from Kevin (no fb account...):
I've been so fortunate to have been a friend of Scott's for most of my life now. From when I first met Scott as a student at IMSA, and he was a solid advisor and friend during difficult times, to when he encouraged me as my wife and I were first dating, to many other instances of support at critical junctures, he seemed to always be there at just the right moment. I owe Scott more than I can really even understand.
Scott gave more of himself to everyone around him than anyone I know. He will be, and is, greatly missed.
Brian Thornburg 
Scott - godspeed, you will be missed.
Tamora Kimmitt 
My dear friend. The light in your eyes, the passion for every conversation we had, will always be with me. I miss you. I'll miss you even more when I move back to the mainland this year and you aren't there.
Clare Sammells 
Scott, What a tragedy to hear we've lost you so soon. Be at peace.
Geoffrey Fowler 
I will scream to warn the dead that a Klingon warrior is coming. Godspeed buddy.
Sarah Keeney 
oh, scott. i'm sorry the world lost you way before it should have. you'll be missed!
Dasha Snyder 
Thanks for being our Oscar the Grouch with tech benefits. Miss you, hon.
Jennifer Cash 
I'll never forget you, and there aren't words to really describe what you mean to me.
Victoria Bryan O'Neal 
I was asked to repost this here.... While we probably met officially before, and we knew each other from IMSAnet, the first time I MET Scott was online. It was 2000 (I think) and I had a panicmaking computer thing, and I (in today's vernacular) IM'd him randomly and somehow just knew he would be sweet about it. Somehow, out of that panicked request for help, a friendship grew. I say somehow, because I'm not particularly good at making friends. I'm just natively suspicious of strangers and throw up big walls. Almost all of my friends have had to either deliberately or unconsciously persevere until I have a flash of, "Oh! this person wants to be friends!" Scott seemed to get that. We talked a lot after that. He was so easy to talk to, very open, and very good at giving compliments. I will always remember laughing a lot. I can only hope that he got one 10th from our friendship that I did.
Caren Levine 
In appreciation of your generosity and legacy of friendship
Amy Oldenburg 
Scott always treated me with an undeserved kindness that I will never forget. I will miss him.
Peter Asaro 
You were a great roommate, and an even better person. You will be missed.
Mike Rudzinski
He was the best roommate!
Ann Ashenfelder Littell 
I hope Scott's family can read some of these posts and see just how much Scott touched so many lives. I hope they find some comfort in this rough time.
Mike Rudzinski
Not only is Scott's mother reading all of these posts, but we were reading them together the night Scott left us.
Ann Ashenfelder Littell
Thanks Mike. I am glad to know he had friends with him at the end.
Eric McWhorter 
I don't know what to say. I am very saddened. My heart goes out to Scott's family.
Vera Handford 
Thank you for teaching me to laugh in the face of my "nevers". What a beautiful soul you have touched us all with... ily, rp
Christopher S Miller
May your legacy live on, Scott. Miss you.
Mike Rudzinski 
It has been a long weekend. I am not smart enough to figure out how to make a long post on Facebook, so please check out my comments here
Memorial to Scott Swanson (all)
Amy Lambert 
When Jen went off to IMSA in 1987 she returned home with a bevy of new siblings for our family. People our family came to feel very deeply for. You were one of those siblings. Your wit and brilliance will truly be missed. Loved, Scott, by so many--You made the world truly a better place. So many of my hopes, dreams for this world and life's passions, you embodied daily. I can't wait to see you again.
Erica Cicero Shidle  It's still so hard to believe we had to say goodbye. It was fun for me to know you more professionally during your last years working at IMSA. I loved seeing your students and other ed tech geeks looking up to you at various conferences. You got me to think about and try new things that I hope will trickle down to middle schools soon. We love you and will always miss you.
Lisa Kim Gossett-Jerome 
Why is it that we cannot truly understand the impact that an individual has on our lives until they are no longer with us. I KNOW that Scott would have the answer. You will be missed my friend. Run free!!!!
Zachary Miller 
In 1993 or so a bunch of my fellow 1501C wing friends made up a joking parallel between Star Wars and the CRC. In it, I was Luke Skywalker, Scott was Obi Wan Kenobi, and Chuck Maddox was Yoda. I hope to see Scott and Chuck's blue force-presence sitting by the side at my next campfire.
Dianne Marie Javier 
I never got the chance to meet you in person, and though we fell out of touch in recent times I want you to know that all the conversations we had shaped my career in intensive care. In part, because of you, I truly learned how to communicate honestly with the people I take care of. I learned how to be honest about hope, realities, and eventualities despite all the emotions involved. I can't thank you enough for that.
Mark Prince 
You'll never be just a ghost in the machine. Miss you Scott!
Paula Rucci Voigt 
Feeling sad that I never got the chance to discuss reiki, counseling and energy psychology with you. I would have loved your insight. You certainly had a gift for inspiring people. I would bet you're off to an even more interesting place....:) Rest in Peace, Scott.
Yi-Mei Chng 
You inspired so many students and did so much good in your life. Rest in Peace, Scott. I'm glad to have known you in college.

Parker Schmitt

Most people would tell you to rest in peace. Knowing you, I don't think you would like to rest. I'm sure you have plenty to do right now, and are enjoying every second of it. So I am going to say, be busy doing things you love in peace.

Penny Lundquist
I can't believe you're gone, Scott. The conversations I had with you in Second Life were some of the best I've ever had with anyone. I learned so much from you and will treasure those times in memory always. Such wisdom you had! Some people just know how to connect and be a friend on a deep level and you were that to me. Namaste.

Andrea Stonecipher
Scott (and Gail), your physical heart may have been weak but your emotional heart was filled with enthusiasm, love, kindness, and courage. It will be a loss to mark our 20th reunion without you.

Chrysta Horwedel
So grateful to have known you Scott. May your light shine even brighter now.

Shayla Hason
Another one of those lucky enough to have known you...even in middle school you were awesome and memorable.

Justin Souter
Rest easy dear Scott.

Liz Kinsella
You picked me up, brushed me off, put me back together, and let me go
 more times than I could count. I was never able to help you nearly as
 much. I hope you find your heart's desire in the next life, kiddo. The 
first time I met you, you handed me a phone that wasn't plugged in and
 said, "it's for you." Hilarity ensued.

Bridget E. Wilde
todokanai ai wa nai to boku ni oshiete kureta kimi no koe wa mitsukedasu yo, umarekawattemo - dare yori mo soba ni iru yo, bokura ga deaeta kono unmei wa togirenai yo, umarekawattemo.... [translation]

Nick Zager
Scott, I only got to meet you a few times but it didn't take long to realize the kindness and generosity that you show everyone. I especially appreciate how well you treated my brother when he was sick. I am assuming that as of right now you two are discussing computers and using words I do not understand. You are an inspiration to all and will be missed. Godspeed my friend.

Michele Jonsson Funk
"Remember: if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If that's not good enough, try making whiskey sours." --Scott Swanson, August 1990

Jennifer Fisher
I hate that I found out about your homecoming in an email today, but considering so many people love you,perhaps that's to be expected. Just think, now you can be your Transluscent You effortlessly. Blessings and Peace to such a kind, funny and gentle soul. I am so grateful and honored to be able to say I knew you.

Sonia Vibes
Scott Swanson is one of the most Divine souls to have occupied this planet. His spirit was one of grace, kindness, quiet strength and endless life and love. I will miss you Scott. You were a great inspiration to me and countless others. Travel on in peace sweet one.

Parker Schmitt
I hope you enjoyed pseudo today. Stay busy and have fun. I'll see you again when the time is right, don't worry. Though I see you at IMSA, I will need to go back there more often.

Penny Lundquist
This story "Brother Death" by Sherwood Anderson always reminded me of Scott and how he chose to live his life, fully and expansively. http://www.vgskole.no/teachers/english/shortstories/brotherdeath/br_death.htm

Kris Wrede
In the words of our dear Scott: " I think that if I could only believe in myself a little more, I could work miracles." Dear Scott..you DID work miracles whenever you walked into a room, and left your presence emanating throughout even after you were gone. You worked miracles every day with your grace and wit and intelligence and love and laughter, oh gentle spirit. Everything you touched turned to gold. I will miss you very much, so keep on emanating in the ether so we don't miss you so much.

 Love and light, hugs and kisses..


Parker Schmitt 
I hope they have plenty for you to do wherever you are. I hope you enjoyed the club pseudo.

Jennifer Fisher 
Just wanted the world to knoow, again, how blessed I feel to havehad Scott in my life. Have been thinking how happy you will be to be helping out with what has to be one MASSIVE database on the otherside, huh? I love you and treasure the gentleness and humor that graced my life.

Parker Schmitt 
I am thinking about you right now. I hope everything is alright. I miss you, I'll see you again soon. I hope there is enough for you to do right now. I hope you enjoyed the club pseudo event in your honor. I remember all the students that were really happy when we were lucky enough for you to take the train to chicago when we went home on friday. You had the best stories about IMSA, the best insight, I don't know what they'll do without being able to ask your advice; the memories are still there, your spirit is still there.

Jonathan J. Hayes
Goodbye, Scott. I'm just now learning of this (was on vacation & unplugged), and I'm sad to have missed the Club Pseudo celebration. It was quite a few years ago, but in our last conversation you spoke of your (then recent) surgery providing you with a "second-chance," resulting in improved, deepend relations with your friends & others. As I recall you putting it, believing you hadn't that long to live (circa IMSA years) somehow gave you license to be a jerk to others. Post-surgery, how now to treat others? We weren't close friends at IMSA, but I was struck by your openess during that talk, and I think now of how we grow into the people, the humans, we become. The real knowing part of your insight - of our dependency on others to get by in this world - would be visited time and time again in my own life with my friends, with those whom I consider my family. Thanks for the small peek at a bigger picture...

Jennifer Fisher

Hoping that your family returns here for reminders that you and they remain in my thoughts always. Sending love and peace. Namaste

Jonathan Hayward 
Wanted to say this here too:

At Club Pseudo, the piece I read is at http://JonathansCorner.com/dream/ and the piece I didn't read, dialogue where a young man makes the mistake of asking a priest whether the Bible is censored, is at http://JonathansCorner.com/grail/grail17.html - the novel begins at http://JonathansCorner.com/grail/

Scott, fare thee well!

Jennifer Fisher 
Unlike mine, this borrowed laptop gave the chance tonight to see all the pics and videos. I am so glad. You know, we only saw each other once or twice a year for a few days at our sixthsensory gatherings but they were our chances to have the glimpses of heaven on earth when we will be dancing ourselves silly, REALLY ...free of physical limitations. My crutches and the CP will be gone but the scarves will be flying. Sending more love and gratitude to you and your family for giving us you.