SL Celebration

Please join us in an online celebration of Scott's Life at ISTE in Second Life (SL)
Wednesday January 20, 6-8pm Central (4-6pm Pacific/ SLT; 7-9pm Eastern)*.

In keeping with Scott's spirit of welcome on the ISTE porch, we thought it would be most appropriate to honor him informally there in the customary way that we always mingle and share in that space. Just seems right as Scott was so instrumental in forming the culture that has become our way of life in ISTE SL. We hope this event will not only bring old friends back together to remember and celebrate the Scott's life, but will bring out new members and be a way for them to learn about a special man who was instrumental in forming our community.

*check your local time here

You can learn more about the International Society for Technology in Education at
and ISTE in Second Life at including how to visit the ISTE in Second Life.  Additional information can be found here:

People are leaving photos, flowers, and yes, a lava lamp in this memorial for Scott (aka Kyle Thorn) in the virtual world "Second Life".
The folks at SL created a VoiceThread for everyone to post pictures and comments. Check it out! If you don't have a voice thread account, you will need to create one first.

Memorial in SL